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Durga Puja in siliguri is the main festival, the celebration of which is done with great enthusiasm and excitement all over the city, which falls in the month of September-October. This festival is held for about 4-5 dyas during which a lot of attraction is towards the idols of Goddess Durga.

Plenty of pandals are constructed in different parts of the city which are also decorated pompously with electric lighting and glitz and adorned with flowers. During this occasion, many food items are prepared of which sweets, traditional delicacies and customary items are made and one can find a lot of this in the market places.

Baishaki Mela in siliguri is among the melas held since a long time. During the winter seasons, fashion shows lasting for a week are held. Musical shows and concerts are common from mid October to mid December which local clubs organize.

In siliguri, many fairs are being organized of which some famous ones are..

  • Baishaki Mela
  • Hosto Shilpo Mela
  • Book Fair
  • Lexpo Fair

Many of these fairs are organized in the Kanchenjunga stadium