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At the base of the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, is located the city of Siliguri in the Darjeeling district plains along the Mahananda River. The city is large only next to Kolkata in the West Bengal State and is considered as the entry point of the North Eastern India. Due to its location at a strategic point, it is made sure that those who go to north east, have to travel through this city. This also has made siliguri the commercial centre of the region. Siliguri sub division has been bordered by Sub Himalayan ranges in the North, Bangladesh along with U Dinajpur and bihar border in the south, Jalpaiguri district and sub division of Kalimpong in the east and Nepal is located in the west.

The area of siliguri was declared as a sub division in 1907 and there are 4 CD blocks such as Phansidewa, Matigara, Khoribari and Naxalbari, and siliguri itself is the area of corporation. In total, there are 22 Gram Panchayats, 7 Police stations and 3 constituencies for assembly elections, under its jurisdiction, which are Phansidewa-Kharibari (ST), Siliguri and Matigara-Naxalbari, all of which are again under the Parliamentary constituency of Darjeeling. The spread of the sub division is about 837 sq km while the population is about 533,979. There is a 19.32 kms long border with that of the Bangladesh.

Although siliguri is not among the oldest cities in the country or the region, there has been plenty of cases of immigration in all these years. Due to the growth of population as well as the city, cosmopolitan status has been granted to it. It is located at a height of 122 mts from sea level and the city experiences railfall at an annual average of 323 cms with cool temperatures prevlent in the regions towards south and centre, although the sumer temperatures are rarely above 38 deg C and winters have temperatures not less than 4 deg C. the three Ts have a significance in the economy of the country which are Tiber, Tea, and tourism. Tea gardens numbering 45 are found in the entire Sub division in different blocks. There are two areas adjacent to siliguri which are important because they have Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary and the Baikunthapur Forest which has a bit of hand in maintaining the micro climate of the town.