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Siliguri is a city in West Bengal, having an internal system of transport that is quite excellent. People can go around in buses, cycle rickshaws, electric rickshaws, autos, tempos which can be shared, etc. Licensed rickshaws are about 6000 in number with all of them not running on meter. Many more numbers of autos traverse in the city, which have not got a valid license. The primary mode of transport inside the city is therefore the auto rickshaws. Railway stations inside the city limits are three in number with each of them having a few auto rickshaw stands where people can pick up an auto to travel to any distance in the city.


At a distance of about 15 kms from Siliguri, the airport at Bagdogra is supposed to be the airport which is located closest, the taxis are a good means to moving to and fro from the airport. for this distance, the taxis have a charge of around Rs 400.


Almost all the areas inside the city are serviced by the buses from the Tenzing Norgay bus stand, which have proved to be cheap and easily available sources.

Auto Rickshaw:

Municipality of Siliguri keeps a tab on the running of auto rickshaws at a fixed rate and not only are they better options to move around, they are also driven on petrol, and so are preferred. These autos are having seats for 6 passengers and move from one point to another usually.