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The town of Siliguri is a perfect blend of the diversity in region and its people, which is making it a city of cosmopolitan standards as marwaris, Bihari, Bengalis, and Nepalis live in harmony. The initial stage originally was having Rajbangshi’s as the population of the city, the number of which gradually is dwindling. Other prominent languages and communities in the later date were in Hindi, Bengali, marwaris and Nepali.

Due to the rapid inflow of tourists from variety of areas, the migration is dependent on a number of factors, with more and more people from the regions of Assam, Nepal and Bangladesh. Many of these people and those from neighbouring areas are entering Siliguri to search for earning sources. These are reasons enough for the population to grow abnormally.

Being located at the junction of the North East India and West Bengal, culturally one can find a great mix. Shopping in Darjeeling is mostly for Darjeeling Tea while the garments made of wool, Tibetan paintings, and handicrafts made of wood.