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There has been a major shift in the population in the recent years towards a huge growth as is evident from the data of 2011 census. The population was about 1892,652 of which 51% were males and 49% were females. Less than 6 age population in siliguri is about 11%.

Majority of the population is Bengali while some of the other groups and relevant communities are Marwari, Nepali, Hindi, English, Behari, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Tibetan, Gujarati, Assamese are some other language that communities speak in Siliguri

Plenty of migrations have occurred into Siliguri and the highest was when people came after partition from the area which was earlier known as East Bengal and bihar and Nepal. In addition, plenty of people from Jharkhand and many other areas of India have arrived in the city for livelihood.