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Most of the wares in Siliguri are found in two streets of Sevoke Road and Hillcart road. There are many traditional stores in the former street with most of the hotels in the area in this part while the Sevoke Road is having most of the sophisticated stores and most of the city’s banks are found in this location.

Because of the popularity of the hill station as a place for tea cultivation, Darjeeling has become a great place to get important brands of tea leaves.

Having its position at the West Bengal and North East Border, siliguri has the amalgamation of both the cultures. The most preferred item in siliguri is the Darjeeling tea and is also well known for the woolen garments, Tibetan paintings and the handicrafts made of wood. Hill Cart Road is the perfect place for buying these items as well as the Sevoke Road is also suitable. There is another market for the electronic goods, which goes by the name of Hongkong market, which is also quite famous. Most of the gadgets available are quite cheap and lures the tourists to buy many of these items.


Fab India in the Cosmon Mall of the Sevoke Raod is a place which belongs to the large national chain, where materials spun with hand and variety of soaps and cosmetics are found.


  • Cosmos Mall, Sevoke Road. A large and up-scale mall.
  • City Mall, Sevoke Road
  • Orbit Mall, check post, Sevoke Road. Includes an INOX movie theatre.
  • City Center, Uttarayon. A large mall that offers plenty of major brands and international food chain eateries.

Street Markets:

  • Bidhan Market
  • Hong Kong Market, Hill Cart Road. Deals especially in imported goods which are brought usually from Chinese market as well as from places like Nepal, Thailand, etc. But people need to be alert for the availability of items which are duplicate because many items originally made in Delhi are labeled with Made in China are also available here. Another point to be noted is that of the bargaining rates which should be about ½ or even 1/3 rd of the original rates.  
  • Nivedita Market
  • Seth Srilal Market, is a busy shopping area in the centre of the city, which gives the tourists a lot of great deals, which has nowadays become famous for the special dish of Momo Gali.