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Art Gallery :

Art gallery located at the Ramkinkar Hall in the vicinity of Court More is a place to see necessarily.

Akshaya Kumar Maitreya Museum:

Sculptures from the 9th to the 12th century, manuscripts which were written from hand and belonging to the 14th till 18th century, and plenty of coins dating back to the period of Mughal period and the times of the other local kings are found in the museum.

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Sukna:

The sanctuary is a location for picnic and bird watching for the tourists who are interested for nature and eco-tourism, inside the forests near Siliguri, at a distance of 18 kms.

Madhuban Park:

This is a park that was constructed and maintained by Indian Army and offers a beautiful spot for picnics.

North Bengal Science Centre:

6 kms away from Siliguri is this Taramandal and the Science Park.

Umrao Singh Boat Club, Sukna:

Another location that has been brought up by the Indian Army is the Umrao Singh Boat Club in Sukna, where boating is done by tourists in variously shaped boats and of different sizes.

Passing Through Tea Gardens:

There is a stretch of a trip during sightseeing that goes along the tea garden, where interested tourists can look at the tea processing centre.

Salugara Monastery:

Honorable Kalu Rinpoche had built a stupa of one hundred foot, that had relics of 5 types which is highly venerated by people with the belief that looking at it will bring about liberation.

Kalchakra Monastery:

The 1st Kalachakra was organized in 1996 december in Salugara.

Teesta View Point, Sevoke:

The river Teesta passing through the state of Sikkim and along the Darjeeling range of Himalayas is the life line, where tourists can watch variety of birds.

Kali Mandir:

Near Sevoke is a hindu temple, which is considered to be the place for goddess Kali. Kali Mandir located here is quite famous and visited by couples who are newly married to seek blessings from the goddess for a life of marital bliss.

Monkey Point:

Before the Coronation Bridge is reached, one can encounter a number of monkeys which are friendly and tourists can feed them with bananas, bread and other tid bits from hand.


By the side of the Teesta River, and 28 kms away from Siliguri is a beautiful spot for picnicking, close to which are places of Mongpu, Peshok and Latpanchor.

Sevoke Coronation Bridge:

The Sevoke Bridge is found between Kalijhora and Salugara, which was constructed during 1930 for the commemoration of British Excellence in terms of architecture and design. While going along the foot cut out on the bridge, there is an added pleasure in the nature.

Hongkong Market:

In order to buy foreign goods, this market is perfect if people are not able to go to Dulabari in Nepal as a number of goods imported from outside are sold here at affordable prices. In comparison to the costs in delhi and Mumbai and in Kolkata, the prices here are less by 40% and 30%.

Consumer Goods Market:

Large consumer selling goods shops are mostly found in the Seth Srilal Market and Hill Cart Road, where a variety of mercantile are stocked. People from Sikkim, North Bengal, Nepal and even as far as Bangladesh come into Siliguri regularly, with the sole purpose of buying goods as the prices are quite competitive and negligible.

Railway Exhibition:

This exhibition is suitable for the viewing of the ‘C’ Class narrow gauge steam engines which belonged to the British Raj and is found in the Siliguri JN.

ISKCON Hare Krishna Mandir:

This is a temple which was dedicated to the famous Lord Krishna. And the ISKCON Centre located in Siliguri is the largest of such centres in the entire North East. Since siliguri has a closely knit history with Lord Krishna’s hiding in Baikunthapur along with Rukmini, this was the initial choice of ISKCON to set up the centre in the region of Northeast.