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Travelling in the train running on the most narrow  of the usual narrow gauge that runs from New Jalpaiguri in that plain which extends towards the hill station of Darjeeling, one can enjoy the trip in the toy trains of India. The journey takes about 8 hours to travel a distance of about 88 kms, through some of the best views and sceneries of the Himalayas.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway has since long been given the status of World Heritage Site. Attention to the sector of Darjeeling –Siliguri of Indian Railways has been provided. In order to achieve this aim, the original structures of the buildings and the components of the trains have been retained and renovated. This hill train has Siliguri as its starting point and reaches Darjeeling and the town of Siliguri is connected to Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati and more places. This narrow gauge train began its operation in 1881, with the arrival of locomotive components which were made in Glasgow in UK from 1899 to 1928. Presently the train is able to tag along 2 coaches and seating capacity of 1st class coach is only 12-17 people. 30 passengers can travel in the second class coach. Diesel locomotive train has been started from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling since last year only. The cost of travel in 1st class is Rs 350/-. Another such train with a locomotive running on steam runs from Kurseong to Darjeeling and only 2nd class coach is present, with a departure time at Kurseong of 0700 hrs and reaches Darjeeling at 1000 hrs. return journey starts from Darjeeling at 1500 hrs and reaches Kurseong at 1800 hrs. the cost of traveling in the 2nd coach is only Rs 30/-. The different stations that are covered by this train are as below, with a distance of 8-10 kms between each of them.

Nowadays, the distance between Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri is being renovated into the broad gauge track so that the train is running only between Siliguri and Darjeeling. And there is only one train between these two stations and between Kurseong and Darjeeling also.

Train no. 2d - Darjeeling - Kurseong - Siliguri - 80 kms
darjeeling - kurseong 35 kms - kurseong - siliguri 45 kms.departure darjeeling 0915 hrs, arrival kurseong 1200 hrs, departure kurseong 1215 hrs & arrival siliguri 1630 hrs

Train no. 1d - Siliguri - Kurseong - Darjeeling. - 80 kms
siliguri - kurseong 45 kms - kurseong - darjeeling 35 kms.departure siliguri 0927 hrs, arrival kurseong 1345 hrsdeparture kurseong 1400 hrs & arrival darjeeling 1645 hrs.

Local Train Known as School Train
kurseong - darjeeling 35 kms - train no.9ddeparture kurseong 0700 hrs arrival darjeeling 1000 hrs darjeeling - kurseong 35 kms - train no.10ddeparture darjeeling 1530 hrs arrival kurseong 1830 hrs

new jalpaiguri - siliguri - sukuna - rangtang - chunbhatti - tindharia - gayabari - mahanadi - kurseong - toong - sonada - ghoom – darjeeling

Kms 1D Pass 3D Pass Important Stations 2D Pass 4D Pass
000     Siliguri    
36 12.17 13.47 Kurseong 12.00 10.55
68 15.50 17.15 Darjeeling 09.10 08.2

Salient Features of The DHR
Total track length 88 kms.
Sharpest curve 12 degrees
Steepest gradient 1 in 18
Rolling gradient 1 in 22.5
Number of bridges 554
Number of curves 873
Number of loops 3
Number of z reverses 6
Number of stations 12
Number of level crossings 176
Present number of passenger coaches 37