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The city stands second and third on the graph of the most clean and most populated city of the country. The city is also entitled with the crown of being the fastest growing Indian city, in context to the economic prosperity. The city is well known for its textile industries and diamond business and hence nicknamed as the textile or the diamond city of the country.

The town possess a well build network of railway to commute within and outside the state. The main railway station of the city is the Surat Railway Station and it is the largest and the most crucial station of the city. The railway station of the city is maintained by the Western Railway Zone of the Indian Railway and has got four platforms in total.

The station code and reservation enquiry number of the city is ST and 135 respectively. The basic facilities for passengers at and nearby the station are Interactive Voice Response System, telephone booths, ATM’s, food express restaurant and a hotel just outside the station.

Some of the trains serving the station are Kutch Express (everyday), Ahmedabad Passenger (everyday), Surat Express (Wednesday), Surya Nagari Express (everyday) etc.