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It was till the beginning of the 18th century that the area of Darjeeling was ruled by Sikkim king but then the Gorkhas took over the place and brought the area under their control, which they also lost when Britishers invaded. The aim of the britishers in capturing the hill station was to beat the summer heat of india, which increased the strategic importance of the place. It gradually became a well known area as a hill station and for the growing of tea. Presently the area is famous for eco tourism and tea industry.

The name Darjeeling has been coined from Dorjeeling, which literarily meant “the place of Dorjee”, which is the name of a thunderbolt. As per different versions, the thunderbolt is known to be belonging to the religion of Lamaist and some also think this to be belonging to Lord Indra.

Darjeeling’s economy is primarily dependent on the business of tea, timber and tourism. British people started the plantations of tea and also the cultivation of cardamom and oranges were done in plenty. For the purpose of shopping, arts and crafts belonging to Sikkim and Tibet are available. Also, the food items from Sikkim and Tibet are available along with those of other food items.
It rains at any time of the year in Darjeeling. But seasons of summer and spring are quite pleasant and preferred by visitors for their trip to Darjeeling. Plenty of film shootings from bollywood and Bengal are being done in Darjeeling.

The popular mode of transport in Darjeeling is usually a four wheel drive. Tourists prefer the land rovers as these can easily maneuver the steep as well as narrow roads of hills.
Throughout the year, there are many local festivals which are being held in the area. These festivals are quite colorful and tourists should check out their itinerary so as to coincide their trips with the festivals.


The capital city of Sikkim is Gangtok which is a hill resort of extreme importance in the region of Northeast part of india. As a hill resort, gangtok is among the most frequented places  in the country. The town of gangtok is located under the hillock in a ridge at a height of 1,700 mts.

The scenic surroundings, and beautiful views of the mountain of Kanchenjunga, the 3rd highest peak in india, from the hill station is famous. From Siliguri, the hill station is about 110 kms away and is connected to other important cities in the region.

Cultures and religions of diverse nature are persisting in the region with great harmony and the adage of ‘unity in diversity’ is perfectly reflected in the state. Ancient traditions and customs can be found to be strictly adhered to in the sikkimese people. Gangtok has far reached the process of development and modernization and has been at par in urbanization in many countries of the world. Broad roads, famous educational institutions, food courts and joints, posh markets and malls, flyovers, discotheques, state-of-the-art health centres, and many other modern day amenities and comforts can be found in the city.

Places of importance which are found near gangtok include Darjeeling at a distance of 94 km, kalimpong at a distance of 80 km, Dzongri, Pelling at 125 kms, Nathula pass at about 56 kms, Siliguri at 110 kms, ravangla, Yumthang and Yuksom.

Plenty of hotels can be found in gangtok. Super deluxe luxury hotels are also present here, where lodging and boarding facilities are found such as in Orange village, Hotel Norkhil, Hotel Royal Plaza, etc. Visitors can bring their sweaters and overalls for the summers and winters and the umbrella for the cold and the rains.


Located at a height of about 1243 mts, the hill station of Kalimpong is on the Durpin hills, which has the sightseeing places called Jelap La View Point, Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Monastery, Chitra Bhanu & Kalim Temple, Pine View Point, Kalimpong Arts & Crafts Centre, Dr Graham’s Homes and Nature Interpretation centre. Some of the other places of touristic importance are Lolaygaon, Pedong, Damsang Fort, Rikissum, Fort Lava, Charkhole, Reshikhola, Raliekhola, Samthar Valley, Monsong, etc.



Mirik is perched at a height of about 1768 mts and forms the end range after which the plain lands or terrains begin. Singha Devi, Lake Sumendu, Rameetay Dara, Deosi Dara, Kawlay Dara View Point, Rai Dhap, Devisthan, Helipad & Swiss cottage, etc are places of touristic importance in Mirik. Much of the activities in this hilly town is around the place of Sumendu Lake. Gauribas, Chitrey, Manybhanjan, Kalopokhori, Tonglu, Gurdung, Falut, Gorkey, Samadein, Rammam are enjoyed by the guests who visit the locations and the view.


Located at an elevation of about 5800 feet, backpackers visit the Yuksom area for trekking. For the purpose of leisure holiday, where trekking, bird watching, wildlife viewing is possible, the place is suitable for the adventure seekers. The place is located in West Sikkim at a distance of about 40 kms from Pemayangtse or Pelling. In Norbugang Chorten, there are still evidences in form of foot prints and seats made of stone belonging to the lamas who were responsible for the consecration of the king, in a ceremony. The Dzongri – Goechala trek starts from this place.